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Bath & Body 

Lavender products are our specialty.  We source the finest natural product bases and pure essential oils to create a spa like experience.  Check out some of our other scents as well.


Essential Oils & Aromatherapy  

Explore our lavender essential oil roll on products.  A great way to refresh and rejuvenate throughout the day. Check out some our aromatherapy essential oils and products that inspire Good Vibes.

kLo Style Boutique

Explore our selection of unique gifts.  Each item has been selected for their quality & happy vibe.


Candle Scents & Wax Melts

Explore our selection of soy candles and scented soy wax melts and beads. 


Lavender has been a cherished flower since the Greeks and Romans.  Lavender conveys a sense of grace and calmness.  It is known for its calming, relaxing effect.  Did you know that Lavender provides a sweet flavor that can be added to many culinary dishes?  Explore our unique offerings to experience the natural luxury of Lavender.

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Gift Boxes

Our products are created using high quality, natural ingredients.  Each product is created using lavender essential oil and high quality fragrance oils to match the theme of the gift box.  Indulge yourself or send to a friend or colleague.

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